Savor that Oatmeal


I first learned about savory oatmeal about four years ago after reading a round-up article on breakfast bowls. Like probably anyone reading this, I took a step back and thought “will that even be any good?” The answer is yes. Oatmeal is a neutral base for many flavors, however we mostly see sweet flavored oatmeals and have thus become accustomed to that style. My first encounter with a savory oatmeal recipe included cheddar cheese, eggs and chives. The yolk from a sunny side up egg mixes with the oatmeal, adding another creamy, rich layer to the bowl. You can add any other savory element to the base of the oatmeal (other kinds of cheese, butter or just salt) and additional toppings. My go-to is oatmeal, cheddar cheese, avocado, egg and a sprinkle of pepitas. Like sweet oatmeal, you can add whatever you have on hand. Scallions? Sure. Chili flakes? Go for it. When you think about it, this is no different than a rice bowl with a runny egg on it. There’s just a different grain involved.

Pictured here is my breakfast from the not-so-snowy snow storm: old fashioned oatmeal, salt, butter, white cheddar, avocado and two eggs. Not pictured: the expected espresso.

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