Self-Care Sunday


I work 6 days a week and still try to make the most out of my one day weekends. My boyfriend came to visit on Friday night, which meant a week long cleaning spree in addition to planning how to fit as much fun into one day together. Friday through Sunday was a whirlwind of working, cooking dinner, hiking, drinking and working again, and I decided that instead of cramming a week’s worth of chores into one night I would actually take care of myself.

I opted for leftovers for dinner and I spent some time hanging out on my couch, catching up on some of my favorite Youtube accounts and calling my mom. Calling my mom took up an hour, but we fully caught up despite talking almost every day in short phone calls. I did some yoga (following this video) and it made my think of other ways to take care of myself.

My most recent mantra has been “everyone is on a different path,” but sometimes I reject that thought, and feel as if I’m failing. Today I needed to remember that people don’t post their hardships on social media. No one posts about how high the rent is, but they will post their fully decorated studio apartment. It’s important to draw similarities and learn from peers rather than draw conclusions and become jealous of a fabricated perception of another person’s reality.

It’s also important to prioritize your time and use it wisely. I could’ve made tomorrow’s lunch or prepped a wall for painting, but that would’ve worn me down after a full day on my feet. Why do that now when I can make lunch in the morning when I have extra time anyway, and prep my wall when I’ll actually be painting in a few days? Rome wasn’t built in a day, and wearing oneself down in order to conquer the world just makes them too tired to organize it.

A very important lesson I’ve learned (and I lesson I’m trying to apply more): take care of yourself. You can’t help others if you’re not well. You can’t pour from an empty cup, you can’t put the oxygen mask on your neighbor if you yourself are not wearing one. You won’t be productive and you won’t be as helpful as you intend to be. In a not selfish way, you need to put yourself first sometimes.