Scrambled Eggs


I woke up this morning feeling blah: I graduated on Saturday and I have no plans for the future. I’m applying to jobs non stop, but have not been lucky enough to even score an interview. So with my spare time I’m pairing food and emotion, and today’s feeling of emptiness needed something humble.

Scrambled eggs can be a mighty meal made from humble ingredients. They’re fluffy and creamy when you make them just the right way. Alex Delaney of Bon Appetit magazine posts his dreamy scrambles all over Instagram and it inspired me to upgrade my morning moves. According to his most recent scramble, he sautes some scallions in olive oil and drops the scrambled eggs into the hot pan. Typically scrambled eggs are a low and slow venture with butter or non-stick cooking spray, but the emulsion of the eggs and the olive oil make them dreamy and fluffy. Top them with hot sauce, and it’s like a hug for your insides.

The good olive oil is key. I recently bought California olive oil and it has changed my life. The flavor of the oil is rich, and the quality helps prevent greasiness. A good hot sauce makes a world of difference too. I highly suggest one that’s more peppery than spicy.

With no job on the horizon, I needed to feel capable this morning. Since scrambled eggs were one of the first foods I cooked on my own, I felt like I truly conquered something. I made something substantial with what I had with me. Today I needed that.

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